Mr.Ninja!! Fever


The newest entry in PONOS’ world-famous “Mr.” series ? now with a HUGE Ver. 2 content update!

Test your skill in the brand-new ADVENTURE MODE. Can you defeat the Cosmic Gang and save the Shogun? Wild new levels, boss fights, and more!

Ninja katana stylish action - now accepting challengers, no experience required!
"Mr. Ninja!!Fever"


★Simple Gameplay 1...Tap the screen at the right moment!
2...Strike down all "aliens" - don't leave a single one!
3...Perform your "Special Move" for maximum damage!

That's it!!

★Train your Ninja 1...Get prize tickets just by playing the game!!
2...Combine Ninjas to level them up!!
3...Watch your Ninja evolve at level 30!!

Tons of content!!

Climb the ranks of the world on the Facebook Leaderboard

Will you dominate your friends on Facebook?!
Or cooperate with them get hearts?!
Summon a magical familiar to conquer your rivals.

Now let's enjoy "Mr.Ninja!!Fever"

※Internet connection is required to play "Mr.Ninja!!Fever"
※This game is free to play, but features bonus content available for in-app-purchase.

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【Title】Mr.Ninja!! Fever
【Platform】iOS / Android
【Language】English, Japanese